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The Servant of the Ultimate Party CHAPTER LIST
  • The Servant of the Ultimate Party

    Alternative : Dragon's Raid a Self-Styled Gofer Is Excellent in All Respects ; Saikyou Party no Zatsuyou-gakari ; Saikyou Party no Zatsuyou-gakari ~Ossan wa, Muriyari Kyuuka wo Torasaretayou desu~ ; The Servant of the Ultimate Party ~A Middle-Aged Man Forced to Take a Holiday~ ; Слуга сильнейшей партии ; Слуга сильнейшей партии — старик, вынужденный взять отпуск ; 最強パーティーの雑用係 ; 最強パーティーの雑用係 After Heroic Tale ; 最強パーティーの雑用係~おっさんは、無理やり休暇を取らされたようです~ ; 最强小队的杂役
  • Author(s) : Peco
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul 09, 02:00
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  • view : 20.000
  • Genre : Action; Adaptation; Adventure; Fantasy
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The Servant of the Ultimate Party:

Coutad, the servant of the strongest party, was told to take a break. Coutad, who can't put a damper on the performance of the party, which boasts 100% success rate, decided to leave to carry out the mission of relaxing at a hot spring inn for a month. But the unconscious fighting and office-cheat workaholic acts no different, even when he's on vacation--!